There are so few things in life that are both horrible and fantastic, amazing both for their ability to fascinate and repulse simultaneously, but we’re wagering that Saturday nights Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope can’t help but be both.
Imagine, if you will, the likes of Diana Ross, Catherine Zeta-Jones and her sister Norah, mommy Madonna, Bruce Willis, Danny DeVito and Tom Jones all gathered together to entertain the hell out of the planet, still wobbling and shaking from the onslaught last month.
The two-hour gorgefest of celebrity sadness is not just a concert, of course, but also a plea to send in some money because it’s not enough that the south Asians have to suffer because of this disaster — so should you!
It’s tragic camp at it’s most tragic and campiest. Tune in, won’t you?
To make a donation now without Madonna berating you into it, please visit the Red Cross web site and designate “International Response Fund” for your contribution.

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