Trojan video

If you’re using Windows Media Player to watch DRM-protected files you downloaded off P2P networks like Kazaa, here’s a warning that might interest you. When you go out on the Web to clear your digital rights management on that file, make sure it is the file you think it is, because evil nasty hackers are using Windows Media’s DRM technology to load up your PC with hundreds of megs of spyware, adware, modem dialers and viruses.
Ingenious and evil, hackers are using the very technology designed to protect digital media as a means to infiltrate your PC. You download a movie, it tells you you’ll need to buy a license to watch it, you say okay and go out on the web to get it — but it’s not really the movie you think it is, and instead of bringing back a licence, it fills up your hard drive with crap.

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