Chairman of The Stupid

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, one time front-runner and primal screamer, is running to fill the vacated post of Democratic Party Chair. (And really, has anything ever been MORE vacated?)

But he is entering a fiercely contested race against several other well- known party figures, and Democratic insiders say there is already a growing “Anybody But Dean” effort to find a consensus candidate.

All together now; let’s sigh.
Say what you want about Howard Dean (I actually like the guy), he stands FOR something, and better yet he’s being advised by George Lakoff, who actually has some pretty good ideas. (Read this.)
The ass hats that make up the Democratic Party—and by ‘make up’ I mean ‘fucked’—have decided that it might be a good idea to just support someone bland and non-committal and prop him up as the ‘anyone but him’ candidate. THAT DIDN’T WORK OUT SO WELL LAST TIME, YOU DUMB FUCKING ASSHATS!
The best thing the Democratic Party has going for itself right now is mortality. Old men die. Their prostates get all hard and there’s only so much help the little donut pillow can offer. Let’s hope the generation behind them can pull their heads out of their collective jackasses before it’s too late—and I’m not saying that it’s not too late already mind you.

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