Los Simpsons es barato

A little perspective: Last April, the voice actors from The Simpsons went on strike for more moolah. At the time, each actor was receiving $125,000 per episode and they wanted $360,000, or $8 million a season. In 1998, the same actors were making $30,000 per episode.
Now, the Mexican voice of Homer Simpson makes 600 pesos (around $80) per episode and he may lose his job to non-union actors who’ll be paid even less.
Humberto Velez has been Homer’s Mexican voice for 15 years, but the company that dubs The Simpsons for Latin America says his union has broken some promises and that they cannot remain competitive without consessions.
Again: America = $360,000. Latin America = $80. Rupert Murdoch, you old softie!

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