The answer to your holiday PSPrayers

Forlorn because Sony wasn’t able to make the PlayStation Portable available in time for Christmas gifting? has the answer: A $750 one-page PDF from IDC explaining that Sony delayed the PSP launch.
According to some satisfied customer’s opinions from the product page:

“My feeble-minded, and blind from birth, son, Hortimer, was entralled with this heart warming tale of the Sony Delay of the PSP launch in North America from the first word – of course a gum wrapper can keep him busy for weeks, so maybe this isn’t saying much.”


“I must confess that the first third of the page dragged a bit but the second third of the page really picked up and by the end I was on the edge of my seat. Will the PSP be delayed? When will it be released? There’s a twist near the end but I won’t give it away and ruin it for others.”

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