The year in queer

There are awards aplenty given out for everything under the sun, from albums to movies to television to dogs to books to fashion to… homophobia. Now it’s your turn to cast a vote (or several) over at Queer Day’s Queeries: Queery Awards 2004.
Among our favorite categories are the forementioned Biggest Homophobe (we’re rooting for insane Senator Rick Santorum, but suspect a menacing GW pic might sway the uninformed), Biggest Disappointment of teh Year, Gay Man of the Year (curiously, I am not in the running, so please vote for Anderson Cooper who is nearly as funny and certainly eye candy enough) and what would any decent queer awards be withour Porn Star of the Year (Michael Soldier, by far, not only for his work in the online Gay Porn Soap Opera “Wet Palms,” but for being one hell of a nice guy, a darned sassy drag queen AKA Precious Moments, and my personal masseur).
There are also opportunties to vote your love of The Scissor Sisters, Bad Education and its star Gael Garc�a Bernal, and the most consistently truthful comedy news show on the telly, The Daily Show.
Vote early. Vote often. But vote before voting closes on Sunday.

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