Wal-Mart: “We don’t suck. Shut up.”

Fighting back against criticism it calls “myths,” Wal-Mart took out full page ads in newspapers across the country to say that it pays its employees plenty, they get benefits, too, and a Wal-Mart store doesn’t mean the end of neighborhoods as we know them so would everyone please stop saying that?
Wal-Mart critics (and some Wal-Mart employees) have been saying for years that the mega-company’s policies hurt everyone because it has so much power over pricing that it drives other, smaller companies out of business and it has to pay its employees shit to be able to sustain such low prices.
Wal-Mart’s employees are not unionized and often the competitors it drives out of business provide better pay and benefits. Company CEO Lee Scott likened the criticism to “being nibbled to death by guppies.”

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