Focus on the Dobson

U.S. News & World Report delivers a lengthy and detailed look at one of the American Evangelical’s most powerful figures, Focus on the Family founder and best-selling child spanking author Dr. James Dobson.
During the last election, Dobson is credited with mobilizing millions of christian evangelicals through his radio broadcasts and 2.5 million-member mailing list into the polls using fear of same-sex marriage and the Bush administration’s very public religious leanings. Among his next tricks are placing sate initiatives outlawing same-sex marriage on 15 more ballots over the next two years, and insuring that Bush’s probably conservative Supreme Court appointees get easily through Congress by flooding Washington with millions of angry phone calls and emails if a whiff of Liberalism crops up.
Also, look for passage of the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act, 20 judicial appointees with anti-abortion tattoos, and that Constitutional ban on same-sex marriage as soon as any federal judge strikes down the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional — an act the evengelicals are rubbing their hands anticipating so that they can strike while the iron’s hottest.

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