Using the talents god gave you

When I was in school, we were told that being things like architects and firemen and scientists and even mathematicians were all paths to career success. Yes, even mathematicians were glorified and sexy in my day. But I digress. Today, it seems, the real careers that every successful and driven student should shoot for — assuming the requisite talent is available — are strippers and exotic dancers.
In a career day session I’m sure we all would have loved to attend at Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School in Palo Alto, guest speaker William Fried explained that those with the drive, the determination and the three-way hips could make a go of life up on the stage, and that possession of bigger titties would be a definite boon.
Choicest quote: “For every two inches up there, it’s another $50,000.” One assumes that substituting ‘down there’ for ‘up there’ makes this advice suitable for young gentlemen as well as young ladies.

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