Who’s Gonna Love Charlie Graner?

Charlie Graner Jr. is the first of the fun-lovin’ Abu Ghraib guards to go on trial. A military juror is now pretend-deliberating his fate. He’s charged with conspiracy, assault, dereliction of duty and committing indecent acts and could get 17 1/2 years in a military prison.
Defense lawyer Guy Womack (not a made-up name) countered that Charlie and the rest of the Abu Ghraib Spirit Team were under extreme pressure from intelligence agents beat detainees for information. Womack (no relation to Bobby) reminded jurors that Saddam Hussein was not yet in U.S. custody when the alleged abuse happened. Charlie was just trying to find Saddam!

Among other things, Graner is accused of stacking naked detainees in a human pyramid and later ordering them to masturbate while other soldiers took photographs…

I’ve tried the same technique to find lost housekeys.

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