The controversiality index

Is it better to receive more 5-star reviews at to increase book sales, or is it okay to receive 1-star reviews without hitting your bestseller?
The answer, according to a Dartmouth professor of Russian lit, is yes. There’s a code to it all, of course, and if you want your book to sell lots and lots, you need a high controversiality index — almost as many 5-star reviews as 1-star reviews coming from people who love, love, love your book and hate, hate, hate it.
Scandalous, controversial books that enrage and delight the reading public to the extent that they’ll go online and blast and praise it mean higher sales. You can also judge a book’s success by its incline. So what you don’t want, apparently, is an even level of 3-star “eh” reviews that no one will care about in the least.

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