All spend, no tax

Somebody needs to take the time to send teh NeoCons to school so they can learn a few basics about economics. The Bush Bankrollers are about to ask for another $80 billion to fight the non-war not against Saddam Hussein and Congress’s top budget analyst said that the next decade will bring $855 Billion in deficits — not including war spending and the Social Security overall, whatever it ends up being.
Bush is also expected to extend his tax cuts, draining $2.3 trillion from the U.S. coffers. The $855 billion deficit figure is actually smaller than originally forecast, which will no doubt be touted as “a good thing” by the White House, but what they will probably forget to add is that the new forecast is required to exclude future Iraq and Afghanistan war costs as well as the $1 trillion to $2 trillion cost of Bush’s Social Security overhaul.
It appears that Bush may achieve his goal of halving the deficit by 2009 — particularly if he conveniently leaves out the biggest bills by far. Too bad you and I can’t do the same and pass that “savings” on to the government instead of vice versa.

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