Runway Runaway

For those of you following project Runway, I hope you’re not shocked when Austin gets eliminated – sloppy web skills have had him marked in the store as elimated for three weeks. I think since the most prescient part of the show is the online store where they sell fashions from the show and other bric a brac, like TShirts designed by the participants, we can safely say it’s Jay McCarroll who walks away with the big prize since for the last six weeks he’s the only designer to be selling bags, belts and bracelets on the site. Recently they’ve added some jewelry by one of the elimated women, but Jay has the largest mindshre in the online store. Wow, way to keep the suspense alive.
Honestly, after Austin, who was a one note – a one fabulous note – player, Jay was the one who was the funniest overall, and the most true to himself through the process. During the “sales” of the designs on the runway rather than avoid sticky conversations about where he ignored a rule, he’d point it out – a savvy strategy. But the best thing about Jay was his witty banter, and the speed of his comebacks. I don’t wear a lot of couture, so personality means a lot to me. Wendy was shrill and oring, and of course that means she’ll likely be a huge success at something, I just hope it’s far away from me. And as for Austin and Kara Saun, I have a feeling they won’t have any trouble getting some good appointments around NYC especially since it’s fashion week and they were talented. Austin could use a job designing prom and mother of the bride gowns and Kara Saun could easily be one of those Williamsburg designers who pairs up with a hat maker and opens her own little shop next to an art gallery. Don’t you think?
Then again, I can’t imagine Jay working at Banana Republic, either.

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