Behold The Saffron Gates

The latest Christo massive endeavor unfurled today in Central Park. Christo, who is to public art what the Three Tenors are to classical music and what Up With People is to homoerotic dinner theater, describes the piece as a “visual golden river” along 23 miles of the park’s paths.

“It’s very difficult,” explained Christo. “You ask us to talk. This project is not involving talk. It’s a real, physical space. It’s not necessary to talk. You spend time, you experience the project.”

His collaborator, Jean-Claude, added, “It’s not quite architecture, it’s not quite sculpture, but it comes with a slice of melon.”
You can expect a million “The Gates” tchotchkes to start popping up all over the city and a thousand blog posts about the power of the human spirit in about 5 minutes.

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