On returning and finding that the world is upside down

Having just returned from a 2-week vacation in Europe, I find that the world has gotten extremely weird — or more precisely it was already weird, it’s just gotten weirder.
Consider Jason Kottke’s announcement that he’s now nothing but a blogger. A professional blogger. I would find this entirely apros pos except that I have no idea what he does. Is commenting on everything a career choice? Can I also quit my job and sit alone in my apartment and write whatever crap pops into my head whether I have any credentials to be commenting on it or not and be paid for that by a public clammoring for more Lance? Is there a public doing that? Has Jason latched onto something dramatic and impossible and will it actually work for him like it works for Matt?
I note that Matt is a Kottketributor so maybe it’s all a huge round-robin where micropayments from ads on one blog site support another non-ad site that’s contributing/limiting to the overall web noise factor by providing a link filter to link to/from other blogs, or something like that. I’m still too jet-lagged to make sense of it all.

Then, I discover that Ben Brown is suddenly hot, in an uncomfortable “he’s too young and too straight for me” way. I’ve known Mr. Brown for longer than I care to share (he could not legally drink when I met him, now he owns a house) and seeing pictures of him showing off his nips is disconcerting to say the least. I’ve always suspected Ben of swinging both ways, but now that he seems to be showering and visiting the gym now and again, it’s all very unnerving.
Speaking of which, what the hell is up with John Styn’s porn-based lifestyle, anyway? When did dying one’s hair a shade that doesn’t exist in nature suddenly make double-exposure a lifestyle? Now, I’m all for nudity and I think we need more of it in every facet of life, but there’s something… lurid about recording every minute of one’s love affair and visit to the beach and kiss and embrace and jerk-off and posting it to one’s web page and asking for comments about it in your pornblog.
While I was in London, Prince Charles announced he would be marrying Camilla at a ceremony and the whole country went ape-shit. Literally two hours after the story broke, papers were blazing the headlines at press stands everywhere. I thought at the time, “Jesus, this country’s insane! Who gives a shit anymore? Let him marry her and go off and raise giraffes in Africa, what the bloody fuck?”
Then I come back, climb online and all this shit rains down on me. If anyone can bring logic back to my world, please apply in person.

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