TiVo stock jumped 18% today on whispers that Apple wants to buy them out. Some analysts doubt the rumors since the company’s concentration on the iPod would probably mean it wouldn’t want to sink hundreds of millions into a money-losing company.
On the other hand, TiVo is a brand that stands out there fighting off competitors by having better software to do what other machines can do much less successfully, which sounds a lot like Apple’s strategy in the home computing market.
So why wouldn’t Apple want the gold standard for digital video databasing, particularly considering TiVo’s acquisition of Strangeberry and the recently added TiVoToGo networking capabilities? One would think having a 60Gb Photo iPod that you can download last night’s 257th rerun of The Simpsons where Apu gets married to so you can watch it tomorrow morning on your subway commute isn’t such a bad idea…

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