Stupid spoiled whore values “privacy”

Paris Hilton, over-exposed skank idiot facial-surgery victim, wants to apologize to all her friends and relatives for the recent unpleasantness involving her Sidekick and the publishing of their phone numbers and email addresses all over the fucking place.
Believe it or not, she said, “I feel horrible that, once again, someone has invaded my privacy.” Now, we’re pretty damned sure that Ms. Hilton has certainly used the words ‘invaded’ and ‘privacy’ before, but within that context is somehow hard to fathom.
Next up, Paris is scheduled to continue starring on Fox in her reality series, “I’m Just a Rich Dumb Slut” and posing as the official dumb slut for Guess? while planning the release of her diaries from childhood, her voicemail recordings and the Paris Hilton Stupid Spoiled Whore boutiques in select Forever 21 stores.

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