Europe: One big godless oasis of hedonism?

The Christian Science Monitor looks at Europe and wonders to itself, “Where did God go?” The continent is struggling to figure out how Islam, Christianity and secularism can all co-exist, recognizing the need to recognize the need without ignoring the other needs.
As the United States basks in an orgy of Christian Fundamentalism driven by a God-fearing public and a Jesus-worshiping executive branch, afraid of its own nipples and trying harder than ever to remember that the world was flooded by a vengeful God because mankind was all evil and sinful and that we all evolved from Adam and Eve (even though they were never actually married), Europe took pains to leave God entirely out of their new Constitution and only 21% of the population calls religion “very important,” compared with 59% here in God’s Country.
Funny how one Catholic Inquisition can ruin a whole continent.

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