It’s official: “Angel” isn’t vampire-porn

The decency police, AKA the Parents Television Council, was denied (face!) by the FCC today when the council voted that a scene in the already-cancelled TV show “Angel” featuring star David Boreanaz’s hips moving “back and forth” in bed before he kisses and bites and sucks the blood of a fellow, albeit female, vampire was not indecent.
Well, fuck.
The Spongebob hating group cited the episode (which also included “heavy breathing”) as being “patently offensive” under the FCC’s guidelines for programs appearing before 10pm. The FCC said, “no way, that didn’t even create a stir in my G-Stars even if Boreanaz is pretty hot and there’s something sort of sexy about vampires overall, even though we prefer the more homoerotic Anne Rice versions, ourselves.”

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