News flash! Single women in Japan are “perfectly happy”

To help relieve your stress about whether the Pope is continuing to not die, here’s some good news from the east: 73% of single Japanese women are content to remain single Japanese women rather than take on some drunken reprobate of a stressed-out mate who’ll die on the Toyota line some day leaving her nothing.
Ha! I kid by using out-dated stereotypes! Anyway, with a birthrate among the lowest in the world and the vast majority of women there now saying they’d rather not get married, thanks much, we’re wondering what will become of Hello Kitty! if all the Japanese children stop, you know, being born.
On the other hand, do Japanese children comprise any portion of the Hello Kitty! demographic anymore? Maybe the single Japanese woman is what’s continuing to prop up a brand that sells cute because it’s all they have in life to make them happy.
Ha! I kid using sexist misogyny! I’m like Eminem or something today!

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