Mr. Hilary Swank

If you want to get a taste of Oscar madness “direct from the red carpet,” look no further than Chicago Sun-Times other, thinner movie reviewer Richard Roeper’s backstage breakdown of the things you didn’t get to see or hear.
For example, E’s Ted Casablancas asking the editor from “The Aviator,” having just won an Academy Award, “The plane crash was just phenomenal. But forgive me, I do want to ask. Will the DVD have any more great shots of Leo’s backside?” Or Hilary Swank’s response to the question on all of our minds when we think Hilary Swank: “Well, I would play the hooker if it was the right hooker, to be quite honest. You know, I just haven’t found a hooker that is meaty enough yet.”
Meatier hooker roles. And if you think you missed out on all the swank (pun intentional) eats at the Vanity Fair party, worry not young Jedi. Just fill your table with “booze, cigarettes and In-N-Out burgers” and you, too, can be a member of Hollywood’s elite. Just stick your finger down your throat in the morning and line up for your next Botox butt injection.

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