Sony Ericsson’s mobile phone-camera-walkman

By the end of the year, you’ll be able to buy Sony Ericsson’s W800 Walkman phone, a cell with a 2-megapixel digital camera and an MP3 player built-in with 500Mb of memory for storing all that digital crap we need to haul around with us to be cool.
The number 6 mobile phone maker is trying to use Sony’s knowledge of making tons of electronics fit into very small packages with pretty good user interfaces to move up in the world of mobile phone, dominated by Nokia, Motorola and Samsung. Typically, the market leaders release 40 new phones a year. Sony Ericsson had 25 new models in 2004.
The company still has to play catch-up on every front, since Nokia is already working with Microsoft to make Windows Audio Player phones, and Motorola has an agreement with Apple to create iTunes-based models. And if you think 500Mb of memory on a cell phone sounds ridiculous, competitors have already announced phones with built-in hard drives up to 4 gigabytes in size.

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