How to kill Netflix

I gave up my Netflix subscription long ago because I would just hold onto the DVDs “for as long as I wanted” and never watch them, so it didn’t take long — well, it did take a few months — to figure out that I was losing money on the service since I wasn’t turning the movies around fast enough.
Now, the company’s CEO has verified that in order to beat BLOCKBUSTER, Wal-Mart and Amazon at the DVD-by-mail game, Netflix is willing to operate at a loss for up to five years. He also revealed that the company spends about $36 to get a new customer, and the average customer stays for two years and generates $100 in profits. They aim to get 20% of the 100 million U.S. DVD player owners to sign up.
So… if you want to, for whatever reason, sink Netflix, just sign up, and churn those DVDs around as fast as you possibly can. Don’t even watch the suckers, just bask in the glow of your individual power to sink a dot-com into the dust.

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