If you think there’s nowhere left for advertisers to plaster their colorful and obnoxious wares, think again. The latest and greatest surface for telling you what to buy because your life suck? Human skin.
It probably didn’t start with him, but let’s blame Andrew Fischer of Omaha, anyway. He’s the guy who auctioned off the space on his ample forehead for $37,375 on eBay to winning bidder SnoreStop. For the price, he had to wander around everyday with their logo and blurb (“It simply works”) plastered on his greasy head for a month.
Now, agencies have popped up that will line up other poor saps willing to have some company’s logo, name or whatever inked across their skin for a fee. Foreheads are the favorite, but you may also see arms, bellies and hands stenciled with ads.
And some of these aren’t just temporary tattoos, either. Joe Tamargo has nine sponsored premanent tattoos on his body, including and, earning him (so far) $13,110.

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