I, journalist

Businessweek analyst Jessi Hempel sounds off on this week’s Blog item of interest, “Are Bloggers Journalists?” In light of a judge’s ruling in California against three Apple tell-all sites, it appears not.
The bigger picture is, as usual, a lot muddier. Does where you’re reporting define whether or not you’re a reporter? Is every employee of The New York Times automatically protected from revealing where they got their scoops from just because they’re at the NYTimes, or is the fact that they’re (presumably) doing fact-checking and following journalistic ethics that protects them? What, then, defines a news agency? Does it need four walls and a printed page? Or a broadcast? If I print out nytimes.com, what’s the difference between that and printing out ThinkSecret.com?
I think it’s unquestionable that most bloggers are not journalists, nor would they claim to be. Putting out a blanket statement, however, that no blogggers are journalists is just plain wrong.
The Blog world awaits the judge’s written ruling which will, perhaps, shine some light on the logic behind the decision. In the meantime, go about your business… or whatever it is you call it.

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