Bloggers continuing to eat everyone’s lunch

Google news search for “bloggies” 8 results
Google news search for “SXSW Web Awards” 3 results (one is a press release)
My prediction is that in one week, the difference will be even more skewed towards the Bloggies. I bet it approaches two dozen mentions for the Bloggies.
My point? As silly as weblogs and weblog awards are, SXSW devotes a whole night to their (often texas-centric) web awards, while the Bloggies are confined to an afternoon program down off a tradeshow area and the news will be relayed to an IRC channel (chat is so quaintly 1998!).
But which one will garner press and attention beyond the Austin Convention Center’s borders? My money’s on the kid with the little sideshow, not the big official conference proceeding. Perhaps next year the roles will be reversed?

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