How to become a bestselling author

Khaled Hosseini, an internist at Kaiser Hospital in Mountain View, California wrote his first book by rising at 5AM and working on it for two hours a day before going to work. The Kite Runner is currently atop The New York Times paperback best-seller list and has sold 70,000 copies in hardcover and 1.25 million paperbacks. He had never written a book before.
The story of how a first-time author (at 40 years old) managed to become a best-selling author on his first try goes like this: Write a really good book. Get it into the hands of independent bookstores, forget about the chains. Rely on word-of-mouth and book clubs to get your story read. Visit the stores when they ask you to.
Then take a year off of work when you have a million-seller and work on your second book. Taa-daah!

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