Dead or alive… or neither

Fabulous news in the on-going “War on Terrorism” today — no one has any idea where Osama is. Officials in Pakistan and the U.S. both agreed that the trail has gone cold and the crafty little mass murderer from Saudi Arabia could be handing out Whoppers at Burger King for all they know.
They think they had a rough estimate of the area around which he may have been lurking ten months ago, but lately they’re busy with other things like a war in Iraq and a possible war in Iran and getting Syria out of Lebanon, so, really, who gives a shit about bin Laden? He’s so 2001.
White House mouthpiece Scott McClellan said bin Laden “remains a high priority just like other al-Qaida leaders.” He then did a little dance and started laughing maniacally and foaming at the mouth before a small, lizard-skinned demon emerged from his belly.

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