It’s only money

What has 103 rooms, five swimming pools, room for eight limousines in its garage, a bowling alley, a cinema, a squash court and the Queen of England as a next door neightbor? Easy: it’s the world’s most expensive house.
In the land of the super-rich, there’s nothing off limits, and when you’re a billionaire, what’s a measley $134 million for your own pad in England? Updown Court is currently being refurbished after a fire by developer Leslie Allen-Vercoe, and it’s a spare-no-expense realty orgy complete with 22 marble bathrooms and a 24-carat gold leaf mosaic floor in the study. The downstairs study. Not the upstairs study, mind you.
You’ll also get 58 acres of land to protect your privacy from your nosy neighbors, the aforementioned Queen and her upstart relatives and that loud, brash rock and roll star Sir Elton John. 11 acres of landscaped gardens, too! And room for a helipad.

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