Poorer, not wiser

The ex-CEO of WorldCom who had no idea about his own company’s finances, even as it spiralled into the biggest bankruptcy in the nation’s history because someone somewhere down low in the finance department decided to cook the books… well, the poor, innocent fellow has been found guilty of fraud and conspiracy on all counts and now faces up to 85 years in prison.
Accounting “irregularities” in the amount of $11 billion propelled WorldCom to the top of Fox television’s World’s Biggest Corporate Fuck-You’s in 2002, leading to a bunch of hand-wringing about corporate responsibility and business practices and other bullshit, eventually leading up to Google’s completely inane “do not wrong” policy which makes us all want to just hug the company to bits, squeezing all the life out of it until it’s another dead dot-com on the side of the road.
I don’t have to be logical – I’m a blogger!

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