The god of irony

As I understand it, there’s a woman in Florida who’s been on a feeding tube for a few years now after a heart attack caused her severe brain damage back in 1990. Since then, her husband has been saying that she said she didn’t want to live in a state like that and her parents are arguing, no, she would never have said that.
Meanwhile, the court case about whether or not she should be surviving on her own without the tube or remain connected has been raging through the courts, making it all the way into the United States Congress, some of whose members want her to appear in a wheelchair to testify even though, you know, she can’t really talk or, it goes without saying, feed herself. All this to prevent God from becoming angry since we no longer seem to hold life sacred in and of itself anymore.
Then the judge said that he didn’t care about what some Republicans in Congress think at all, and go ahead and yank her tube, causing the throngs of religious supporters gathered outside the hospital to cry in horror and, one would hope, rend their garments and rip their own hair out and generally carry on as if they have just been sentenced to hell, which doesn’t even exist.
I would just like to add to the whole matter that if God wanted her to live, why would she need a feeding tube in the first place? But since I don’t believe in a God who judges every move we make and takes vengeance on us for making the very decisions he supposedly granted to us as free will in the first place… whatever.

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