MJ: Shaky, defiant, but mostly shaky

Male child sleeping-with advocate Michael Jackson arrived at his molestation trial 45 minutes late looking shaky and walking stiffly, causing the U.S. media to pause in its on-going pursuit of the truth and the shielding thereof and make note of the fact that tardiness is so very, very interesting.
The U.S. Congress was then called into special session in order to pass a law that would bar Michael Jackson and only Michael Jackson from ever being late to anything ever again, because that’s what Congress is for. George W. came back from a fishing trip in Wyoming to sign the bill, stating that it is “the government’s duty to bias the bait traps of non-incriminal late-being.”
The entertainer and pop music weirdo often has back problems related to lengthy bouts of sleeping with children who can’t seem to keep still in his bed, for some reason.

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