Threat assessment

Who, in your opinion, poses as big a threat to world peace as Islamic fundamentalist terrorism? Would it be China? Their economic clout is rising, and their human rights history isn’t the brightest. Well, according to the citizens of that bastion of freak basketball accidents Australia, the United States foreign policy ranks right up there with Osama as a threat to a stable world.
But what do they think about us, otherwise? After all, they’re one of our biggest allies, even fighting alongside U.S. troops in Iraq, and the 53-year-old U.S.-Australia alliance is one of the oldest in the Pacific.
Well, it seems like GW’s on-going warmongering and sabre-rattling is having a detrimental effect down under, as opinion regarding America is at the lowest point in years. 84% of Australians had a positive view of Japan, and 69% look favorably at China. Only 58% like America.
If even our staunchest allies are starting to get a bad taste in their mouths, how are we going to keep in good standing with anyone else?

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