Deathrace 2005

“Looks like Terri is still in the lead, though she’s been there for around 15 years so it’s anyone’s guess what she’ll do next.”
“Besides lie there, you mean?”
“Yes. Aaaand, here comes The Pope around the far turn.”
“He’s been in and out of this race, but he’s looking like he really wants to be in it this time.”
“I don’t see Prince Rainier… has he dropped out?”
“Do you mean, has he won?”
“My, that is confusing.”
“And… here’s a surprise no one saw coming, Rev. Jerry�Falwell coming up the back stretch!”
“Wow, what a trooper! I’m sure there are a few of the fans at home really pulling for him to cross the finish line first.”
“He’ll have to hurry if he wants to beat Terri, though. She’s got quite a head start.”
“15 years, isn’t it?”
“You said that already.”

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