Calacanis beats Denton

It’s official, Weblogs, Inc. “publisher” Jason Calacanis is 15 points more loathsome than Gawker founder Nick Denton.
The battle for most loathsome Blog advocate was hard-fought, with Denton called a”Franken-headed” emporer to Calacanis’s “floppy-haired internet huckster,” but Jason wins it for fooling more bloggers into believing there’s a fat dividends check waiting at the end of the Blog rainbow, while Denton is upfront about paying his writers shit (reportedly around $1,000 a month, or less than poverty scale) while raking in around $75,000 a month all for himself.
Or so word on the street has it — Denton has never stated what his sites, or he himself, earns. Hearsay is a wonderful thing, ain’t it?
Anyway, Denton scores a very unlifelike likeness at the site, but Jason grabs the line-inches, as it were.
Congrats, boys! You made it!

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