Delay is such an asshole

Now that Terry Schiavo is dead, George W. Bush, who presided over an assload of executions as Governor of Texas and is marching the planet to religious Armaggedon, is urging Americans to “build a culture of life“. Tom DeLay, who denied his own father life support, is attempting to transfer his own patricidal guilt by puffing out his chest and assuring us that the “men responsible for this will be brought to justice.”
When reached for comment, God simply stated “Fuck Tom Delay, and fuck the tube he refused to push down his OWN Dad’s throat.” He then returned to batting practice and proceeded to hit three fly balls to right field which Johnnie Cochran easily shagged.
When another reporter noted that there was no one playing center God smiled and said “Oh, I got me a good hearty Polack in mind for that spot.”

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