Stop the WordPress!

Big, juicy (or as big and juicy and pointless) scandal in the blog world brewing over WordPress wunderkind Matt Mullenweg’s decision to hide Google-unfriendly search-term links inside his .org’s front page.
In short, an open-source software maker is getting kick-backs from a dubious vendor wanting to use his previously high-ranking Google score to trick the search engine into reporting that his articles on medicine and auto repair and whatever are actually more relavent than they are — which is not at all.
The reason this is all so big and juicy and turgid and throbbing is that Kottke called the practice stinky “like last week’s fich,” which one assumes he is eating now that he relies on the blog audience for his daily bread. Then Kottke gets called out by the WordPress faithful, eager to defend their One True Savior from attack by someone who’s “made a name for himself by simply doing ‘cool’ things with others’ ideas and exploiting that peculiar 14-year-old boy humor that is, for some bizarre reason, still en-vogue.” Ooh! Face!
Matt, who is in Europe and unable to defend himself against the charges, said to shit-stirrer (oh, that he were a glassdog correspondent!) Andy Baio that he needs the funds to feed the server and bandwidth demands that his baby eats on a regular basis, as well as pay new employees to help build and support the WordPress Foundation, which is unaffiliated with, even though that’s where the fake posts are.
So now the mud is truly flying back and forth, SlashDot is in on it all, name-calling has begun in earnest and Google has reportedly removed the posts from its engine anyway.
So, when is Spam not Spam, when is open-source a doorway to secretly commercialized content, and does anyone have the right to raise money in support of a community-based effort if they never inform the community in the first place?
Hey, it’s a slow news day.

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