Legislative pushing and Schiavo

Sen. Rick Santorum, homophobe from Pennsylvania, and House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who is a liar and a thief and uses his office for financial gain, are using the Terri Schiavo court decisions which upheld the right of a person to choose rather than be victim to the whims of the state, called the court actions “unconscionable” and labeled the Florida courts and the Supreme Court “an arrogant and out of control judiciary.”
Yes, you thought it was over, didn’t you? You thought that now that the poor woman was allowed to finally die after 15 years of being tied to a feeding tube that this insanity was done. But, no. Her death is being seized upon by the Republican leadership as a cause and a force to perhaps unseat judges who are upholding the law and replace them with others who will realize that Jesus is really in control of your life — regardless of its quality and if you’re even aware of it — and you’re not.
DeLay, posterboy for the phrase “power corrupts,” implied that impeachment of judges who act on behalf of the constitution rather than the Legislative and the Executive branches is a possibility. “The time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior,” he said.
I’m trying to think of something funny to add, here, but this is all so insane and unbelievable that I’m having a hard time just maintaining civility. Impeach judges because they uphelp the right to personal choice over one’s own life? Wow. Next, let’s see about legislating the right to choose who we love.
Oh, wait a sec….

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