Silence truth

Hey! Did you know that today is the Day of Silence, while tomorrow is the Day of Truth? Hey! Do you even know what the hell I’m talking about?
In 2001, The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network established the Day of Silence in which hich school students may elect to not speak or answer questions as a form of protest reflecting how gay and lesbian students feel they have to keep silent about who they are. Sort of a Yay Gay Day, I suppose.
So the Christian reactionary groups like Focus on the Family and the Alliance Defense Fund are, this year, protesting the protest tomorrow with the first Day of Truth, in which hardcore Christian students hand out little cards with a vague statement about how bad it is to be gay and that “special rights” aren’t the same as “equality,” whatever the hell that means, and really, why don’t the gays just shut up, even though that’s kind of what’s happening today, sort of.
Here’s the funny part: If the Christian Right had just kept quiet about the whole thing, this would never have been a story in the first place. But then they never were very bright.

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