World’s best bachelor dinner

Maybe it’s just me, but the dishes available at the current “best restaurant in the world,” The Fat Duck in Berkshire, England, sounds like stuff I am occasionally forced to make from the remnants in my refrigerator.
I mean, sardine on toast sorbet? Bacon and egg ice cream? Why not cottage cheese and ketchup Eggos drizzled with mayo-mustard sauce? Wilted romaine lettuce salad with canned beets and shaved ice flavored with freezer burn and exploded Dr. Pepper?
Last year’s winner, The French Laundry, fell to number three after 2002 champ Spain’s El Bulli restaurant, where one can dine on chef Ferran Adrià’s parmesan and lemon crunchy asteroid ball. Or come to my place for Lance’s famous Velveeta shreds and bologna de Oscar Meyer pizzata with shrunken olives and taco sauce.

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