Nobody believed it was “kitchen fresh,” anyway

KFC is slowly morphing back into Kentucky Fried Chicken one store at a time. The maker of delicious seasoned deep-fried mutant chicken parts is finally facing up to the truth that even though the American fast-food buying public isn’t the brightest group, they’re smart enough to know that fried chicken is supposed to be bad for you — that’s why it tastes so good!
KFC’s fortunes have been sinking in the U.S. as the company tried to rebrand itself as some weird semi-healthy food chain by stripping off the delicious crispy skin people really wanted and introducing stupid “healthy” crap instead of sticking to what it does best, namely leading its happy customers more quickly along the road to heart failure. The story is completely different in China, where its 1,200 Communist locations are showing record profits and the population actually considers the food to be fashionable.
I’m more of a Popeye’s kind of guy, myself.

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