Penis envy

You have to hand it to the Chinese. When faced with the rumor that Asian men have smaller dicks and are therefore sexually inferior to Western gents, a group of scientists in Hong Kong pulled out their slide rules and spent five months measuring 148 volunteers and have concluded that they’re just as small and inferior as everyone else.
Chinese men in the study averaged 8.46 centimeters (3.4 inches) limp. That’s slightly longer than Israelis (foreskin counts!), much, much bigger than Turks and Filipinos, and slightly below Americans and the world’s champion flaccid cock holders, the Italians at 9 full centimeters. Measurements “at attention” were not taken.
In case you’re wondering, the size of a man’s other measurements had no bearing on the length of his equipment, but fat guys tend to have smaller ones. They’re so excited about their study that the Chinese may start another one to figure out why fat gentlemen come up short.

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