“Please tell everyone to come here”

If you think that your south Asia vacation has been washed away with the bodies and buildings of the 2004 tsunami, you’re dead wrong. Although parts of the area still struggle to rebuild and cope with the scale of the disaster, in Thailand, at least, all they need now are tourists.
The misconception that Thailand was devastated by the great wave is keeping people away in droves, but when you get to Phuket, what you find are white sand beaches, resorts that are 99% operational and a lack of the traffic and mayhem that usually accompanies the hoards of sun-loving tourists because the hoards are going elsewhere.
The southern provinces sustained most of the damage, and, sure, the faultline is still active and you may get shaken up a little, but if you’re in the mood for inexpensive resort living, clean ocean waters and bright, sunny skies — book now before everyone else goes back.

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