The L.A. Times looks at the mild reality of porn-everywhere and what it means to today’s teens and comes away with one answer — not a whole hell of a lot.
Pornography now is so invasive and easy to find that it has become another entertainment avenue, as mild and normal as video games and movie outings. Whether that’s a good thing (more comfortable about sexuality in general) or a bad thing (poor self-image issues for girls, lack of understanding concerning the ramifications of sex, subjected to more bad porn by faux celebrity hotel chain heiress) remains to be seen.
The biggest downside seems to be that kids are using the Internet’s version of sex as a guide to how they should be behaving, which means “like a ho.” On the flip side, recent studies indicate that today’s teens are actually less sexual and promiscuous than previous generations — at least, that’s what they’re telling the pollsters just before they buy another carton of rubbers.

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