My car, myself

Scarborough Research was contacted by the Republican National Committee for some marketing data about car buyers to figure out how to reach potential voters with ads. What did they find out?
If you drive a Porsche, there’s a 59% chance that you’re a Republican. Jaguar? Republican. Land Rover? Republican.
What do Democrats drive? Volvos, Suburus and Hyundais are the “most Democratic” vehicles. But Volvos are making a switch. Older Volvos on ther road tend to be driven by Dems, but you’ll probably find more Republicans in the showrooms. The Suburu is the new Volvo, as it were.
And everyone’s driving Mini Coopers in equal number. Plus, don’t bet on the fact that the SUV driver blocking the view in front of you is a Red Stater — Democrats drive SUVs, too, only they prefer smaller, foreign-made models. Republicans like them big and American. (Or at least with an American plate, no matter where they’re actually built.)

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