Social Insecurity

Our stumblebum foot-in-mouth arranged-Town Meeting President takes to the airwaves tonight to try to explain how his plan to “save Social Security” isn’t really a plan to put our financial futures in the hands of Wall Street crooks who seem to enjoy worming their way out of paying taxes more than worrying how Grandpa Lance is going to live to age 80 without resorting to dinners of Puppy Chow and government cheese.
Bush has been traveling the country talking to audiences of carefully screened Republican supporters who love him regardless of the fucked up Iraq war, the spiraling cost of nearly everything, the sinking dollar, his desire to install an impolitic bully as teh UN ambassador, his friendship with Tom DeLay and, um, what else? Oh, yeah, his “Culture of Life” that somehow ignores his own record as the killingest governor ever.
Bush is expected to finally get to specifics about this plan he has for shoring up the retirement benefits for every working American currently paying into the Social Security system, while simultaneously propping up his sagging approval ratings with the American public without also mangling his native language and appearing smug and igratiating — and that is one tall order for someone with limited brainpower. Let’s watch!

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