Beta bait

There are few truly scary things you can do with a computer. I mean, sure, sending out hoards of Spam, sticking pop-up ads on someone else’s desktop, taking over a Windows session using a backdoor trojan, those are all awful and annoying and potentially expensive, but are they scary? Do they make the hairs on the back of your head stand up? Do your balls (assuming you have some) shrink up into your body cavity thinking about that?
How about this, then: become a voluntary Beta tester for AOL’s next-gen IM client, codenamed Triton.
AOL will release one more update to AIM before the end of the year, and then they’re switching over to an all-new IM client that keeps all your conversations in one tabbed window, and incorporates text, audio and video all in one place so you can chat how you wanna, flipping between conversations and modes therein with a mouseclick.
And if you want to try it out (only available for WindowsXP users, currently), beat my guest.

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