Podcasting gets Sirius

Yes, it’s an obvious headline but what do you want from a free service like us? Sirius Satellite radio is launching a Podcast broadcast later this month, grouping all sorts of useless audio crap made by people like you and me but who apparently have a lot more free time on their hands and blasting it out from their satellite to lucky subscribers.
Ex-MTV VJ Adam Curry, a Podcasting advocate with his own agenda for making these minicasts popular so he can somehow make money off them even if you can’t, will host the show from his bunker buried 200 feet under the Nevada desert. The show begins on May 13.
In retaliation, satellite radio’s other player, XM, will start recording the bleetings and farts of people waiting in line at Starbuck’s and sew commercials into the seams, calling their new show Coffee Talk not really.

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