Finger play

It’s the latest trend to hit food services! In Wilmington, North Carolina, this time, a man enjoying a pint of frozen custard bought at Kohl’s Frozen Custard shop on Sunday stuck a finger in his mouth that wasn’t his — only this time, it seems that the missing digit has an owner and everyone knows how it happened.
Unlike the Wendy’s Chili woman, Clarence Stowers magic finger actually came from an employee at Kohl’s who lost the end of his index finger on a food-processing machine. In the ensuing mayhem, another worker scooped the finger-flavored custard into a container and it found its way to Mr. Stowers’s mouth when he assumed the delightful chunk was candy because, he explained, “they put candy in your ice cream … to make it a treat.”
Meanwhile, Wendy’s is hoping to capitalize on all its free publicity by adding Finger Chili to its 99¢ menu. “We think it’ll appeal to kids who like Boogers and Worms in Dirt and all those other gross foods,” a Wendy’s rep did not say. “Why fight it? We think there’s a big market out there for finger eaters. I mean, why keep calling them chicken fingers when there’s hardly any finger in them?”

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