Super celebrity blogging

What do you get when you cross Ellen DeGeneres, Mike Nichols, John Cusack, David Mamet, Harry Shearer and assorted other famous voices and political powderkegs under one banner and allow them to Movable Type their way through today’s hot button (or not so hot button) issues? You get Arianna Huffington’s new weblog site The Huffington Post, debuting today with lots of heavy hitters taking to the web to talk to you, only you, just you — you little insignicant person, you!
From romantisizing Hunter S. Thompson’s shot to the head to bemoaning the Republican hatred of wild ponies to hating and loving one’s iPod in the same breath, let’s all sit back and see how long the attention span of celeb and pseudo-celeb scribes are, and how their opinionated bleetings differ from those you or, more importantly, I may set to pixel, shall we?
Let’s shall!

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